Northumberland360: The Photographic Diary of a Dog-Walker on The Northumberland Coast

Some of my favourite landscape images from my blog.


Beach Life

A collection of photographs from the Northumberland Coast.  Each image contains life within the landscape.  I like the sense of scale you can get by including a passer-by in the composition.



A collection of photo-journalism style photographs from around the world.



Daisy is the reason I am out on the beach every day – she is my muse and companion and is the subject of many photographs!  Daisy was rescued as a puppy from a local rescue charity called Alexa’s Animals.  I try to support Alexa’s work wherever I can.



My homeland and a place I have travelled and walked around and over for many years.  These photos range from the Scottish Borders to Lewis and Skye.  Orkney is not included.  The Orkney islands deserve their own gallery – watch this space!